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Cannabis Licensing Experts

We are the solution you have been looking for to obtain your cannabis license.  We work with qualified investors  who desire to enter the legitimate, emerging, commercial cannabis industry.  We also work with entities who are purchasing or have just purchased a cannabis license or business.  We are an industry wide resource that can help you navigate in an extremely popular and emerging yet heavily regulated and scrutinized industry.

If you are a properly funded business person who seeks a business venture or investment in the industry, we can help guide you and protect you in this rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

Licensing is both highly coveted and at the same time, difficult to obtain.  Licensing is both a rare and unique opportunity.

Our company has an understanding of the old contraband culture and the transition to a legalized industry.   If you have little understanding of the cannabis industry, we not only guide you, but we also bring in industry experts to operate your business and transition you into a working knowledge of your specific license type.  



CV of Kirk Barry (pdf)


Who we are / Why us?

Our chief executive officer is Kirk Barry. Mr. Barry has been working in the consulting industry since 1990. He worked exclusively for attorneys and insurance companies in the civil litigation field as an expert witness. The demanding rigors of lawsuits, courtroom testimony, exacting work, and deadlines, all worked to prepare Mr. Barry for the demands and challenges that face the cannabis industry.  Mr. Barry also has 21 years as a law enforcement officer for both the U.S. Army and a municipal Police Department.

Since 2009, Mr. Barry has operated a greenhouse cultivation site, an indoor cultivation site, an edibles manufacturing facility, and a testing lab. His experience in the cannabis industry gives him a keen understanding of the needs and challenges that face today’s entrepreneur.

You will appreciate the integrity, honesty, and plain talk that Mr. Barry brings to your discussions regarding entry into the cannabis sector. Mr. Barry also has education and training in the area of negotiations should you need assistance in purchasing an enterprise.

Our operations officer is Michael Barry. Michael has worked in the cannabis sector since 2006. He is a qualified master grower and has set up and operated aquaponics operations, indoor cultivation projects, outdoor cultivation projects, and greenhouse cultivation projects. Michael also started an edibles company and was instrumental in developing its menu and operational procedures. Michael has also worked as a consultant for two dispensary startups and has extensive work experience in dispensary management. Michael is a wealth of knowledge regarding the cannabis culture, the needs of patients, and the recreational scene at large.

We also work with a select group of individuals whose knowledge and work ethics will be an asset to your project.  

About Us

The Cannabis License Landscape


The emerging cannabis industry has its unique challenges. There’s the medical and recreational sectors that have markedly different requirements. The regulatory landscape can fluctuate. Who can you depend on to give you accurate information? What city or county should you apply in for licensing? What specific marijuana license type is required at the local and state levels? By the way, is it a marijuana license or cannabis license? Testing of all cannabis products are necessary. How do you implement them into your production model? The questions seem endless. The risk is obvious. Talk to us and see if we are a good fit for you and your partners. The cannabis license sector is not impossible, it does however require the right acumen. We say “Lay a strong foundation. You are sitting on top of shifting regulatory sand”. 

What you can expect from Us

You can expect prompt and courteous attention from us. We will get in touch with you immediately, but we will not hound you as in a sales environment. You can depend on us to have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you.  Our level of professionalism is very high. We have a sizeable professional liability policy to insure us and protect you. Our advice and abilities will keep you out of the grey market and help insure that you are running an operation that is compliant in a sensible and regulatory way. 

What We Do


Our services are diverse. Whether you need a business plan, selection of a county or city to operate in, or licensing, we craft a plan that fits your specific needs. Review this list of some of our services:

Selection of city or county of operation

License type determination

License procurement

Application submission

Operational oversight

Compliance procedures

Personnel Locator

Business Negotiations

Due Diligence prior to purchase

Bottom line, we work with you to provide what you need, not what we have to sell.

Why wait?

Our first priority is to promptly contact you!!!

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