About Us

Cannabis Licensing Pros provides Consulting services to Meet your Specific Needs

What we do and who we help!  

Local Permits and State License Consulting and Implementation

No matter your need or your state, we provide the guidance and experience to walk you through the different municipalities and how they operate, all leading to you gaining a permit and license. 

Our long track record of success means you now have partners you can trust who can get the job completed.

  • We provide and submit duly completed applications for the cultivation, delivery, dispensary, distribution of products, Branding, Lab, and manufacturing process. A total turnkey solution from A to Z 
  • We can also help you gain Conditional Use Permits 
  • We can also consult with your facility designer to achieve maximum efficiency or work from scratch with you to bring your vision to life    

We Provide the following Business Services and a Whole Lot More

Understanding your strategic position and molding goals creates a successful relationship and outcome. We provide both, in a user-friendly platform that allows you to customize your facility and maximize the revenue and profits.

Above all, we listen to your concerns and develop a strategic plan based on your needs, not ours.   

Here is a small sample of the Business Services we provide to our many clients:

  • General Market Analysis – Where it is and where it is going 
  • Obtaining your license to operate 
  • Overall Cannabis Consulting from A to Z 
  • Business Plan Help and Fine Tuning 
  • Your overall Strategy as it relates to your Business Model 
  • Due Diligence for your state, county and or city 
  • Help and guidance on Compliance Issues 
  • Ongoing Education and Training 
  • Agency and entity interactions   

Support through the Regulatory Jungle

Our vast experience in the regulatory side is just one of the many assets that we bring to the table. It is also one of the most important. Our years of experience help position you to obtain that all important license and launch your business into the future.    

Our depth chart and contacts are our most valuable asset and soon they will be yours as well.   

Licensing is just the beginning. Our support, industry guidance, and industry contacts will no doubt be invaluable to your success.

While obtaining a permit is the overall objective it's still only the beginning of the process and at Cannabis Licensing Pros, it’s just the start of our relationship.   

We provide ongoing services that can include the following: Dispensary Training and Set-Up, Professional Ongoing Services, Security Advise, and Turnkey Proven Solutions. Growing your ever-evolving business is our goal.

Looking to Open a Dispensary? We can Help!   

Because the dispensary / cultivation of medical marijuana industry is still in its infancy, it carries with it a degree of risk that requires special attention. Our experience and affiliations allow us certain privileges that the average person would take years to duplicate. We get hired by startups, proven entities, and well financed individuals. Join with us and you too will experience the Cannabis Licensing Pro difference.

Look, if this was easy and a for sure thing there would be no need for consultants. Heck anyone, in theory, could walk in and request and license to operate. Successful people understand the necessity of gathering the right experts to make it happen.    

So as with any well-oiled machine or process, one needs to have everything lined up to make the whole thing as seamless as possible, and that is precisely what we have worked on for the last 25+ years in our consulting agency.   

We deliver the results you are looking for based on our years of experience. 

For excellent results it is important to have the focus to see your vision through to the end. Setting up and being awarded a state dispensary license is not only costly, time-consuming and wrought with potential hazards, it is also expensive. Understanding the industry and being able and willing to commit is essential. 

Because such a venture has inherent risks, it is critical to go into this with an open mind and the capital needed to be able to complete the process. Naturally, when you meet with our team for the first time we make it abundantly clear as to what this entails not only from the time side but also from the monetary side. A successful execution is the result of a well designed plan.

Relationships play a huge part in the overall licensing, and that is one area where we shine as our connections are very extensive and profound after 25+ years.   

As with any sound business venture you will need to have a well thought out and prepared RFP (Request for Proposal) that is formally developed and laser targeted regarding your plan. Many times, the process seems daunting, and that is where our expertise can leap over some of the regulatory mumbo jumbo and provide a merit-based application that meets or exceeds regulatory compliance and demonstrates the unique benefits and value not only to the patients but also the community in general.   

Knowledge is power, and that means that we arm all our clients with the needed education to rise above the rest. We cover it from A- to Z leaving no gaps so you never feel overwhelmed or unprepared. 

We Are Your Cannabis Licensing Pros And We Help You Every Step Of The Way 

Building a successful Cannabis business requires an in-depth range of knowledge and just surviving is not an option. We are in this with you every step of the way and want you to thrive not just survive…thriving is not an option but rather a mandate and our passion.   

Our years of experience and successful client results means we take the time to make sure you excel. This is not easy and requires hands-on dedication and expertise to be successful. Nothing less is acceptable to us nor should it be for you. Contact us today for a no cost consultation to explore the opportunities and options available in this ever-changing industry.   

Our History and Company   

Our consulting journey began in the early 1990's working with law firms and insurance companies in the civil litigation field. In 2009, we ventured into the cannabis industry and have since amassed a core group of knowledgeable industry experts to assist a wide variety of clients and their specific needs.   

Our executive director has over 27 years of consulting experience. We have gathered together a competent and knowledgeable team to handle the complex and ever-changing cannabis industry. We assist governmental agencies, cannabis alliances, collectives, and individuals who need assistance in a variety of areas.

Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or wanting to expand or refine your operation, we can help. Our combined expertise covers all licensing sectors and activity types. 

We also welcome those who want to retain us to explore the cannabis business option but are not sure which direction to take. Let us help you develop a plan that is tailored to your level of funding desire.   

Consulting is a business acumen of its own. In retaining us, you will be working with a group that has been in the consulting field since 1990 and has hands on experience in cultivation, manufacturing, edibles, custom dosing projects, dispensary operations, testing, security, and training personnel.    

We have the time, desire, and drive to help you succeed with your cannabis operation.